Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor knot is the little brother of the Windsor Knot. When completed it is triangular in shape, slightly symmetrical, and produces a deep dimple in the tie. A good dimple in a tie will improve your appearance but a poor dimple will quickly be spotted. No one wants to be ridiculed for a poor dimple…I mean no one.

The Half Windsor knot is slightly smaller than it’s big brother but still an excellent tie knot to use for any professional event. The half Windsor is highly recommended for anyone learning how to tie a tie as it is truly one of the go to tie knots that you will want to keep on hand when the occasion arises. It is simple yet elegant.  Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor Knot’s Recommended Uses:

  • Job Interviews
  • Professional Jobs (ex. Law, Banking, Sales, etc.)
  • Presentations (ex. Business, Educational, etc.)
  • Religious Meetings
  • Events (ex. Weddings, Prom, etc.)

How to Tie a Tie – Half Windsor Knot

  1. The wide end(W) of the necktie will start on the right and should extend about 12 inches below the narrow end(N) of the necktie on your left. Cross the wide end(W) over the narrow end(N).
  2. Bring the wide end(W) around the back of the narrow end(N).
  3. Now pull the wide end(W) up and back down and through the collar and tie to the left.
  4. Bring the wide end(W) of the tie to the right, over the narrow end(N).
  5. Pull the wide end(W) up behind the collar and tie. Keeping it slightly loose.
  6. Take the wide end(W) and pull down through the loose loop that you created on the front of the knot.
  7. Using both hands carefully tighten the knot by pulling the wide end of the tie down and sliding the knot up the collar. Adjust the tie to fit comfortably.

W = Wide end of tie

N = Narrow end of tie

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