Simple Knot (Oriental Knot)

The Simple Knot stays true to it’s name. There is nothing fancy, elegant, or bold about this knot. It is simple to tie and recommended for beginners that do not feel the need to venture into tying knots a little more refined. This is a great knot for anyone to take the step into tying knots. Your path to greatness begins here. One word of advice is once you master this knot move on to some of the other elaborate knots available on this site. They may have a few more steps but the extra work will give you a knot unique for your needs. Remember, a great knot builds confidence and sets a good first impression.

Simple Knot (Oriental Knot) Recommended Uses:

  • College or Grade School Presentations
  • Youth Dances
  • Religious Events
  • Entry Level Jobs

How to Tie a Tie – Simple Knot (Oriental Knot)

  1. The first and slightly unorthodox step is to start with the backside of the tie facing out. The wide end(W) of the tie will begin on the right side and the narrow end(N) will being on the left side. The wide end of the tie should be resting above your belly button but may vary depending on individual height.
  2. Pull the wide end(W) behind the back of the narrow end(N) and to the left.
  3. Cross the wide end(W) to the right, over the front of the narrow end(N) of the tie.
  4. Pull the wide end(W) under and up through the neck loop. Keeping the loop created in front of the knot slightly loose.
  5. Now pull the wide end(W) down through the loop in the front of the knot.
  6. Pull the wide end(W) down to tighten the knot. Slide the Kelvin knot up and adjust. And there you have a simple knot.

W = Wide end of tie

N = Narrow end of tie

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